G-Eazy And Demi Lovato Confront Their Reflections For A Haunting Peformance Of ‘Breakdown’

G-Eazy’s got a new album, These Things Happen Too, out and to mark the release, the Bay Area star hit the Tonight Show stage with pop singer Demi Lovato to perform the haunting “Breakdown” from the new project. The performance, which takes place on a two-sided stage adorned with mirrors, finds the duo confronting their controversies as images of the various headlines written about them flash on the screens behind them.

Between them, the two have accumulated enough headlines to wallpaper a museum wing. Most recently, G-Eazy was in the news for a fight outside a hotel bar and filing a restraining order against an alleged stalker. Meanwhile, Demi Lovato recently came out as non-binary, drawing criticism from conservative corners of the internet.

However, both stars also have their fair share of good news, as well. G-Eazy recently started a wellness brand, FlowerShop, giving an interview to Uproxx’s Dane Rivera about the new brand, and has strung together an impressive list of features in 2021, including on EST Gee’s “At Will.” Meanwhile, Lovato recently helped to honor queer icon Elton John at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards, so both seem to be doing alright, even despite their respective mishaps.

Watch G-Eazy’s Tonight Show performance of “Breakdown” with Demi Lovato above.