G-Eazy Goes Crazy In His Heist-Themed ‘I Wanna Rock’ Video With Gunna Riding Shotgun

G-Eazy recruits Gunna for an adrenaline-pumping, Daniel CZ-directed video for his latest single, “I Wanna Rock,” which finds the duo dodging police cruisers and throwing tons of ill-gotten money at the strip club after a daring escape from the psych ward.

The opening of the video sees G-Eazy being committed as a mental patient, wrapped in a straitjacket, and leering at the camera. It isn’t long before he’s set free by an amorous nurse, who guides him to the next scene, which finds Gerald and his gang sticking up an armored truck and escaping in a high-end sports car which easily outpaces the police cruisers chasing it down through the streets of LA. The video concludes with an extended strip club sequence that surrounds Gunna and G-Eazy with a dozen dancers all shaking and doing doing pole tricks while loose bills flit through the air.

“I Wanna Rock” follows “Bang” as the latest G-Eazy single to pair the Bay Area rapper with a high-energy appearance from one of his peers. In “Bang,” G-Eazy and Tyga outplay a rival basketball team for an adoring crowd. Earlier in the year, G-Eazy linked up with Allblack, Blueface, and YG for “West Coast,” which saw the four California rappers shouting out their respective cities over a bass-heavy beat that split the difference between the sounds of LA and the Bay. G-Eazy hasn’t announced a new project yet, but whenever he does decide to follow up The Beautiful & Damned, he’s off to a strong start.