G Herbo Raps On Top Of A Truck In The Boastful ‘Stand The Rain (Mad Max)’ Video

This summer Chicago rapper G Herbo let fans know his new album, 25 would be out in July, and he’s been steadily releasing videos and singles to support the record since. This new album follows up his 2020 release, PTSD, and both continue to build on his drill sound. Today he’s released a video for the 25 track “Stand The Rain (Mad Max),” a reflective song that details what the artist has gone through since he started to see some success. Rapping about the jealousy of haters and past traumas he’s been through, losing friends and how he feels like he’s lived “ten lifetimes” despite the fact that he’s only 25 years old.

In the green-tinted black and white visuals were shot by No More Heroes, and features the Chicago artist on the cover of Forbes, rapping on top of a truck, and visiting not only a basketball court, but also a shooting range and a church. Clearly, he contains multitudes. The song title references the film series, Mad Max, though the song itself doesn’t necessarily veer into the apocalyptic realm where the movie takes place, it definitely hones in on the survivalist attitude the film addresses thematically. Check out the fiery new clip above.