G-Worthy Aren’t Worried About A Thing In Their ‘Ain’t Trippin’ Video

Last week, G-Worthy became the latest trio to be added to LA’s rather rich supergroup pantheon of such groups as Westside Connection and 213. Consisting of G Perico, Jay Worthy and producer Cardo, the three dropped their self-titled EP on Friday. Now there’s a video for track number two from the EP in “Ain’t Trippin.” Surrounding themselves with the essential elements of money, cars and women, each of the three G-Worthy members gets a respectable amount of camera time. Perico pays homage to LA rap days of old by sporting a LenchMob T-shirt while rapping about hood paranoia (“Can’t really tell who love me and who wanna kill me”) and how familiar he is with the concept of the cops watching. Jay Worthy gives praise to incarcerated podcaster Tax Stone and Fools Gold Records, and shouldn’t have to remind you that he’s a gangster.

What keeps all of this bravado going is Cardo’s production. Dealing with two rather personable acts in G Perico and Jay Worthy gives him plenty of wiggle room to create the most LA-centric hip-hop he possibly can. “Ain’t Trippin” is proof positive of this. The entire EP was concocted and recorded in a single day and “Ain’t Trippin,” with its lush drum arrangement and muddled percussion feels like switching lanes on the 405 when there’s zero traffic.