Gallant’s Soulful New Ballad, ‘Gentleman,’ Is Bathed In Elegant, Velvety Blue

Gallant is making his anticipated return with a new single, “Gentleman.” It’s the Los Angeles-based R&B artist’s first release since the Grammy-nominated Ology in 2016. And it was beyond worth the wait – on the sensual and soulful ballad, Gallant graces us once again with his luscious, tantalizing falsettos that float above briskly brooding instrumentals.

“Gentleman” comes accompanied with a strikingly intimate music video directed by Sasha Samsonova, shot on 35-millimeter film. It complements the swift and jagging track flawlessly, washed in gorgeous velvety blue tones and showcasing elegant close-ups of Gallant’s physique from all angles. “Gentleman” is a vulnerable, risky (and risqué) profession of lust and desire, as Gallant lulls, “Tell me, have you ever had a gentleman? / If nothing, girl, you deserve a gentleman.”

About the track, Gallant said to NPR:

“For this particular [song] where I’m tapping into more the side of me that is pretty confident, the only way to really get the whole picture and not present something distorted or not true to myself would be to pair it with something that’s equally as vulnerable. It was just the most accurate representation of me as a human being, personally and artistically.”

You can watch the video for “Gentleman” above.