Gallant’s Tiny Desk Concert Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Day

One of the many roles that music plays in our life is that of an escape. A way to let her minds and imaginations drft away from reality, if only for a moment, to a world crafted by rhythms and words. Today more than ever, the chance to get away from the the current chaos feels necessary, which is why it’s the perfect time for Gallant’s Tiny Desk performance for NPR to appear.

The singer made a name for himself in 2016 when he entered the scene with his his Grammy-nominated Ology LP, highlighted by his arresting vocals. “My voice is a byproduct of me trying to dig as much soul out as possible,” he told us back in May for our Uncharted series. To say he gets the most of god-given talents during his NPR set would be a strong understatement. Just watch as he performs his three-song set, which includes “Bourbon,” complete with a quick appearance by Saba with his guest verse, “Skipping Stones,” where keyboardist Dani Ivory stands in for Jhene Aiko, and “Weight in Gold.” His voice is so captivating and the energy’s electric enough that they’re enough to momentarily distract the mind from the barrage of news we’re facing and draw the listener into Gallant’s world, even if it’s only a temporary reprieve.

Check out Gallant’s Uncharted episode below.