From The Pit Of Rejection To Center Stage At Coachella? Meet Gallant

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How many times would you have to be told to give up before packing it in?

For Gallant, there’s no number high enough. The R&B singer has spent his entire musical career being told that he should try a different path, but the remarkably self-actualized musician from Columbia, Maryland, simply refused.

The way he looks at it, he has no other choice. For him, music isn’t so much an art form, as it’s a way to deal with his own personal issues. When we asked how he got started making music, he told us it was a way to express his emotions in a proper manner.

“I started singing in middle school because I was bored,” he said, “and it helped me to get out what I was feeling.”

His early work was hardly met with a warm welcome. Gallant’s friends razzed him ruthlessly about the emotional music he was recording in his bedroom. Even at a young age, the singer couldn’t muster up the ability to care what his friends thought.

“If you like to cook, if cooking fills you with a sense of freedom and all your friends call you a sissy, it could not matter less,” he said. “It exists in a world that’s outside of your friends. You aren’t cooking for them.”