Premiere: Gang Of Youths Pay Tribute To Australia With A Towering Cover Of Nick Cave’s ‘Straight To You’

Sergey Osipov

In November of last year, our own Steven Hyden called Australian band Gang Of Youths “2017’s best band you haven’t heard of yet,” which of course needs some qualifying, as the five-piece is already pretty well-established in their home country. But even with our critic’s ringing endorsement, Gang Of Youths are still winning over listeners one at a time here in the US, be it in concert, by the strength of their record, Go Farther In Lightness, or with moves like this latest cover song.

For the Amazon Original playlist “Made In Australia,” the group led by singer David Le’aupepe decided to give their best rendition of one of their own countrymen, Nick Cave. Though Cave is often stark and lyrical, “Straight To You” is one of the most pop-leaning songs in his catalog, with the Bad Seeds injecting jangle and exuberance into the 1992 single. For Gang Of Youths’ interpretation, the band lays on the drama and theatrics, almost as if interpreted for the Cave of 2018.

Le’aupepe had this to say about the recording:

“The brief was “Australian,” so naturally, my first instinct was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. ‘Straight To You’ is, in my opinion, an underrated classic from an under-appreciated album — hopefully, anybody hearing the GOY version will find their way back to the original.”

Check out Gang Of Youths cover of “Straight To You” by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds above, and look for the Amazon Original playlist “Made In Australia,” available March 9.