A Couple Danced So Hard At An Adele Show That She Is Going To Their Wedding

Despite her jam-packed schedule, Adele has pledged to spend an evening in Montana to attend a gay couple’s wedding next September. Ryan Salonen and his partner, Vince Rossi, caught the singer’s eye as they danced in the crowd at one of her recent Staples Center concerts.

Here’s the story according to Salonen’s hometown newspaper The Great Falls Tribune:

Adele spotted Rossi and Salonen, who had tickets in the 16th row, dancing during her performance of ‘Rumor Has It,’ and called them up on stage. I’ve spotted two people I would like to meet,” Adele reportedly told the audience. “There is a guy on the end with a beanie and long hair. He’s been dancing like no one was watching, but I was.”

Salonen is an actor from Montana, and his fiancé, Vince Rossi, is a musician and a Chicago native, but they both live in Los Angeles now. After the couple made their way to the stage, Adele received a brief geography lesson from Salonen, who informed her that Montana is next to Washington State. Adele responded with, “OK, I’m going to go. Then, Salonen gave her an even better reason to go, by informing her that it’s where they’ll be getting hitched next September. “Oh, I’m free,” said Adele … “I would love to come.” Rossi even confessed on stage that he had a “dream” this would happen.

Rossi told The Great Falls Tribune,

“We will already have the closest people in our lives there and then Adele, too? The whole point of pop music is to connect with people and have them feel like the know you. I think she would have fun.”