Giveon Flexed His Musical Versatility With A ‘Kimmel’ Performance Of ‘Stuck On You’

Giveon made his presence known earlier this year when he hopped on “Chicago Freestyle” from Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes. The song arrived shortly after he dropped his debut EP, Take Time, and shortly before releasing his second one, When It’s All Said And Done, which came out last month. He has released one single in support of the latter effort so far, “Stuck On You,” for which he shared a video.

Now he has brought the track to TV, as he was a musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week. He used his remote performance as a showcase for his multiple talents, like singing, playing piano, and being a dynamic stage presence, with the stage in this case being an outdoor, park-like space at night.

Giveon previously said of the song, “I kind of wanted it to start off a little less healthy. It’s short, but it doesn’t sound very healthy. Within like the 30 seconds that I’m singing in the intro, I say, ‘I called you five times. I quit. I’m going to stop trying.’ And I say, ‘I’m going to be the best that you had.’ So I wanted to open the project with a tone of frustration and kind of more toxic and in denial, because most breakups that I see aren’t a smooth transition like that. So I wanted to keep it realistic and just start the project with frustration and bitterness.”

Watch Giveon perform “Stuck On You” above.