Green Day’s Tribute To Chuck Berry Might Be The Most Rock ‘N Roll Thing They’ve Ever Done

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Green Day got their start playing a small DIY venue and getting sweaty dudes to mosh at their shows. And while they’re the most punk rock band in the business, they can still get down with classic rock ‘n roll. On Sunday, Green Day paid tribute to the late Chuck Berry by busting out “Johnny B. Goode” at their gig in London, Ontario.

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool smashed into the 1958 rock staple with Berry’s vicious guitar riff (your arms will get tired thinking just how fast Armstrong must be playing). Of course, the vocals are little more rough than the rock icon’s, and sure, there might’ve been some moshing in the arena, but Green Day’s rendition did the original proud. Plus, they got a saxophone to belt out a wild solo near the end, and it might just melt your face.

Berry passed away from natural causes on March 18 at 90 years old. Over the weekend, other artists and friends have paid homage to the rocker — from Bruce Springsteen to Keith Richards to Brian Wilson.

On Monday, Berry’s family revealed that Berry’s last album, which he announced on his 90th birthday last October, will still be released. Details will come later this week.