Guapdad 4000, Chance The Rapper, And Charlie Wilson Swoon Over Their Missing ‘Gucci Pajamas’

In between scamming other rappers, Guapdad 4000 is an artist himself. Wednesday morning in a series of posts, Guapdad cryptically previewed “Gucci Pajamas”: “We getting them pajamas back tonight at 9PM, (Chance The Rapper),” Guapdad said on Twitter.

A few hours later, Charlie Wilson interjected: “I think (Chance) is gonna need some help with this,” Charlie said. “Uncle Charlie knows what to do.”

At 9 PM, the song dropped on all streaming platforms. Guapdad never directly mentioned the song in his preview post or posted the song when it was made available; Chance did, however.

The trio take turns playfulling dragging their previous women friends that won’t return the rappers’ Gucci pajamas. Guapdad spends the first verse lamenting that his friend has him running through a “checklist,” and that she’s always “touching and taking his sh*t” that he bought himself. In the second verse, Chance points out the irony in his women friend’s actions, while saying that she steals on some “broke sh*t,” but threw away his Gucci pajamas on some “woke sh*t.” Uncle Charlie swoons about his Gucci pajamas on the outro of the song: “Oh, she won’t, she won’t, she won’t, she won’t give ’em back,” Charlie says. “She won’t give ’em back, no, no.”

Guapdad’s album Dior Deposits is expected to be released soon. The rapper recently collaborated with 6lack as well.