Gunna Showed Off His Own ‘Wunna Mann’ Action Figure While Teasing New Music

While all celebrities are not superheroes, Gunna will certainly not settle for normalcy and a regular life. The ATL rapper cleared a few hurdles in his way in 2020 and released his latest album, Wunna, a few months later than most originally anticipated. Despite the delay, Gunna notched a No. 1 spot on the Billboard album charts with the album. Continuing to promote the album a little over two weeks after its release, Gunna looks to showcase his superpowers with a new action figure.

Showcasing the action figure on his Instagram page, the Wunna Mann character emulates the animated character pictured on the cover of Wunna. Labeled as The Warrior Communicator, the packaging of the Wunna Man action figure reveals superb being’s true motivation.

“Gunna is Wunna. He’s wealthy, he’s unapologetic, and he got the D R I P. The life purpose of Wunna is to be seen, be heard, and communicate. Through his new project he will reflect this purpose in a warrior like manner — energetically, outspoken and recklessly, while shining his brightest light to others.”

The Wunna Mann packaging also reveals the inhabitants of WunnaWorld, that being Young Thug and producers Wheezy, Turbo, Taurus, and Aviator Keys. In addition to teasing the action figure, Gunna also revealed that the deluxe version for Wunna is on the way, but a release date or possible features have yet to have been revealed.

Check out the Instagram post above for a preview of the Wunna Mann action figure.