Haim’s ‘Little Of Your Love’ Music Video Is A Line-Dancing Extravaganza

The Haim sisters just gotta dance. In now two music videos from this summer’s sophomore LP Something To Tell You, the trio of Haim have shown their moves with elaborately choreographed endeavors. But while the debut single saw them taking to the streets of their San Fernando Valley stomping grounds, the new video for “Little Of Your Love” takes the moves indoors to another of their local institutions.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood), “Little Of Your Love” picks up where the clip for “Want You Back” leaves off, with Danielle Haim again walking the streets of the valley. But she quickly makes a pitstop at Oil Can Harry’s, a Studio City watering hole that becomes the setting for most of the clip. It’s a nod to their hometown, sure, but it’s also an ideal setting for what’s to come.

When the Haim sisters dance, the whole world wants to dance with them. In this video, it’s just the rest of the bar patrons who join in on the line dancing. But the band knows they have a good thing going with this series of videos, and that the line-dancing extravaganza that follows captures the jubilant spirit of the band.

Check out the “Little Of Your Love” video above.