Halsey Displays Even More Talents While Performing ‘Eastside’ On ‘SNL’

Halsey’s musical talent was obvious from her first performance on Saturday Night Live, but when she returned to the stage for her second performance, she put even more, less obvious talents on display. Although the song she performed, “Eastside,” usually features Benny Blanco and Khalid, she not only held it down solo, she did so while painting a huge portrait on the floor upside down. As the song closes, she finishes the painting and poses next to it, beaming up at the camera and showing off the finished product proudly.

Her artistic talent showed up in a prior performance as well, although it was much more low-key. When she performed with Lil Wayne in November, she and the “Can’t Be Broken” rapper traded tattoo designs, which they each inked later.

Halsey’s appearances didn’t just stop at music tonight. The singer also appeared in a sketch featuring Cecily Strong and Melissa Villaseñor as obnoxious sorority sisters playing pledge week pranks in a bar full of unsuspecting patrons on karaoke night while performing 4 Non-Blondes’ “What’s Up.” It’s clear that Halsey is branching out as an even more well-rounded artist as she gains more fame, from painting to sketch comedy, adding onto her already stacked resume which includes No. 1 hits and even voice acting work for the Teen Titans Go! feature film alongside Lil Yachty.

“Eastside” appears on Benny Blanco’s new EP Friends Keep Secrets, out now via Interscope Records. Get it here.