Harry Styles Closes Out His Week-Long Stay On ‘The Late Late Show’ With An Energetic ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Harry Styles has spent the week with James Corden on The Late Late Show, joking around with the host, delivering his own monologue, and performing songs from his new album every night. It’s been a literal scream for many in attendance and probably a dream for fans who are watching at home. To finish off the week with something memorable, Styles and Corden took a ride together with the latest edition of ‘Carpool Karaoke.’

If it wasn’t clear from their interactions all week, Corden and Styles have a fairly strong relationship. They seem to get along and joke around like best friends, meaning it’s true or they’re really good at faking it. Whatever the answer, they bring a dose of energy to this edition of the popular segment. Styles puts on his best while singing his own tunes and has a lot of fun messing with Corden while singing “Hey Ya” and the theme from Endless Love. They also reenact Julia Roberts tearful plea from Notting Hill for some reason. It works, mostly because who doesn’t love Notting Hill.

These two might actually end up in a movie together one day. I’m not about to say it’ll be worth seeing or even an official studio production. They just might go out and shoot a movie while goofing around together, with a special appearance by Ed Sheeran or some other British pop star.