Hodgy Beats Rehashes His Gripes With Tyler, The Creator On Twitter

Five years ago, Odd Future looked poised to be one of the most important collectives in hip-hop. In 2017, many of the most prominent members of OFWGKTA are indeed doing their thing. Tyler The Creator was nominated for a Grammy forFlower Boy; the reclusive Frank Ocean is courting a Sade-like cult following with his two well-regarded solo albums; Syd The Kid is breaking down doors with her futuristic band The Internet, and Earl Sweatshirt is one of the most respected young lyricists in the game who’s upcoming album is “stupid” (good stupid) according to Alchemist.

If barriers were what the Wolf Gang was trying to kill, they’ve completed their mission — but they’re not doing it together. That separation has left some members relatively languishing, specifically Hodgy Beats. If there were more Odd Future compilations and collaborations taking place, there’s a chance he would be more highly regarded, but that’s not the case.

The distance has caused strife within the group, especially with Hodgy, who called Tyler a “fraud” who “turned his back” on Odd Future in 2015. The two made amends, but now it looks like Hodgy is upset again.

Before announcing a project for Christmas day, he took to Twitter early this morning with an array of erratic tweets. He proclaimed that Tyler “can’t rap,” and that Odd Future’s Mike G and Domo Genesis are the only ones that “got him” from the group. Alarmingly, he also said that he will take care of them before he “commits.”

What he meant by “commit” is anyone’s guess, but hopefully whatever qualms he has can be rectified as soon as possible.