Hot Chip’s Cover Of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’ Will Make You Sad All Over Again

LCD Soundsystem was, arguably, the band that best represented the sound of the mid-’00s. And “All My Friends” is easily one of their best songs. So, it makes sense that fellow mid-aughts act Hot Chip would trot it out during their concert to make all the aging hipsters get misty eyed. If not for their lost youth, then for the fact that LCD Soundsystem is almost certainly never coming back.

LCD Soundsystem keyboardist Nancy Whang joined Hot Chip (which includes former LCD guitarist Al Doyle) on stage at Webster Hall to really drive the knife in. They weren’t down to perform the whole eight minutes of the track, but their shortened version is still pretty great.

James Murphy didn’t feel the need to join them, as he was busy tinkering with MTA cards in a Brooklyn basement like the world’s most effortlessly cool mad scientist.

(Via Stereogum)