Ice Cube: Kanye West’s Trump Support Is ‘Misguided’ And ‘I Ain’t Feeling It’

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In a new interview with Rolling Stone discussing his comeback album, Everythang’s Corrupt, West Coast gangsta rap godfather also addressed his feelings on producer Kanye West’s support for Donald Trump. Kanye made waves earlier this year with his continued support for the businessman, sporting his trademark red “Make America Great Again” campaign cap and meeting with him in the Oval Office earlier this year. When asked about the meeting, Ice Cube was plainspoken but also impressively measured and thoughtful in his response.

“It’s a free country,” he said. “To me, it’s misguided, but it’s a free country. Sometimes you got to let people have their political views. I don’t know if you should measure yourself on being friends or not friends with people who’ve got different political views than you… I feel like [with Kanye] It’s misguided support, but to each his own. I ain’t hating on nobody or mad at nobody. I don’t understand it, and I’m not feeling it… You can’t throw him away just because you don’t agree with him. That ain’t cool. That ain’t how it work.”

When asked if he’d take a meeting with Trump, he shut down the suggestion emphatically: “Why should I do him a favor and tell him what’s wrong? He probably already know. He probably don’t care, so it’s a waste of my time.”

Cube also talked about the opioid epidemic, the way the internet emboldened the so-called alt-right, his upcoming Friday sequel, and the return of Celebrity Deathmatch, which he will both star in and produce, and his plans to buy “22 regional sports networks,” likely as an avenue to air his popular Big3 basketball league.