Ice Cube Had A Simple Response To Eric Trump’s Poorly Edited Photo Of The Rapper In A Trump Hat

It was revealed recently that Ice Cube worked with the Donald Trump administration on its Black outreach program, and the rapper received a lot of backlash for that. While defending himself, he declared, “I haven’t endorsed anybody,” but that hasn’t stopped some Trump supporters from assuming he’s on their side.

That includes Eric Trump, who shared an obviously edited photo of Ice Cube and 50 Cent (who appears to be voting for Trump after learning about Joe Biden’s tax plan) wearing Trump 2020 hats. In the original photo, Ice Cube is actually wearing a Big3 hat, while 50 sports a New York Yankees cap. Ice Cube wasn’t the biggest fan of the doctored image, as he shared Trump’s tweet (which has since been deleted) and commented, “N**** please…”

In a recent CNN interview, Ice Cube defended his work with the Trump administration, saying, “Your lead-ins are a little misleading. The Platinum Plan is not my plan. I came up with Contract With Black America [CWBA]. I didn’t run to work with any campaign. Both campaigns contacted me. Both campaigns wanted to talk to me about the Contract With Black America … I didn’t run to nobody, so that was real misleading to me. You said I ran over to the Trump team instead of the Biden team and that’s just not true. I’m willing to work with both teams. I’m just working with whoever is willing to work with me.”