Iggy Azalea Says The Backlash Over Her Infamously ‘Trash’ Freestyle Made Her ‘Want To Die’

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Iggy Azalea is undoubtedly one of hip-hop’s most reviled figures. The Australian-born artist has found herself on the butt end of Twitter’s ire throughout her career, which has led her to leave the social media platform. The “Fancy” singer is seen as a poster child for a perceived whitewashing of hip-hop, debuting with a sassy southern “Blaccent” that seemed to belie her Sydney roots. Dropping questionable lines about being a “slave master” didn’t do much to endear her to fans. Neither did being oblivious to the appropriation criticism even after getting a Black art treatise for the ages by hip-hop legend Q-Tip. Despite the past issues, Iggy is still trying to reclaim her career with her upcoming Surviving The Summer album.

Perhaps she will explore all the backlash and ridicule she’s faced on the project, such as an infamous festival performance where her breath control and clarity was a zero. A Twitter user recently posted the embarrassing moment, proclaiming “the day Twitter got ahold of this was one for the books.” Iggy sarcastically replied that “it was great being bullied endlessly until I literally wanted to die because ya’ll unearthed a trash performance from the beginning of my career.” She noted,”these comments remind me how important it is to always be kind,” and followed up with “ya’ll ain’t sh*t.” Hopefully they also remind her how important it is to nail the next acapella freestyle.