What Ever Happened To That Alleged Iggy Azalea Sex Tape? An Investigation.

Iggy Azalea
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Iggy Azalea, between getting shamed by Q-Tip, Azealia Banks, and ESPN anchor Robert Flores, is not having a smooth ride through the ranks of the hip-hop community lately, but things could get a lot worse for the rapper if the alleged sex tape she was threatened with last year happens to surface. So, where is the damn thing?

Right around mid-September of last year, Vivid Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch released a statement claiming that the porn company had a copy of a sex tape depicting a young Iggy Azalea engaging in sex acts with her ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine.

I believe there would be a huge demand for her sex tape. Iggy has proved that she’s an amazing talent. If there is any tape out there that can rival that of Kim Kardashian, this one is it! We are conducting our due diligence and if we are satisfied with our review, we will definitely try to make a deal to distribute the tape.

Vivid has a few problems. Iggy may have been underage during the filming of the tape, and the tape was made without her consent, which means that Vivid needs her to sign off before it’s reproduced and sold on the market. TMZ has seen the film and said that it may or not be Iggy: Her derrière is not as pronounced in the film as it is today, but there have been rumors that she’s gotten injections or implants down there. TMZ spoke to Hefe Wine, the man who created the tape and seeks to gain millions of dollars if Iggy signs off on its release. Wine claims that his computer was stolen — the footage was contained on the hard drive — and he didn’t provide Vivid with the tape.

Hefe — no, that’s not his real name — has since claimed that Iggy was of age AND she knew that she was being filmed. He also claims that the two were married at the time of the filming. For her part, Iggy’s legal team told TMZ that they know it’s not her in the video, but if it is her, then it would be illegal to release the tape because she was underage, which is kind of an admission without being forthright. Iggy commented on the situation via Twitter:



Following a Twitter spat with rapper Azealia Banks over “black culture” in December, Iggy was targeted by the hacker group Anonymous and given a 48-hour window to apologize for “misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner’s death.” If she didn’t comply, the group threatened to release screenshots of Iggy’s face from the sex tape. The Twitter account was quickly suspended, and nothing came of the threats.

What’s the status of the tape now? Well, it’s been confirmed that several people have seen it: Vivid, TMZ, and possibly other news outlets, but no one has let the film slip into the public’s view. Anonymous claims they have seen it. There are several websites dedicated to the tape — as well as another purported one with boyfriend Nick Young — as well as a multitude of Twitter accounts claiming to offer the tape. Still, unless Iggy signs off on the recording, or unless Anonymous decides to pull the trigger on the screen caps they threatened to release, the public won’t see the film anytime soon. That means Vivid, TMZ, Hefe Wine, and Anonymous likely have copies of the sex tape, and it might stay that way until the next Apple iCloud hack.