Iggy Pop’s ‘Asshole Blues’ Delivers On The Promise Of Its Title

Robert Johnson had hellhounds chasing him, Iggy Pop just has assholes. But the end result is the same, a haggard man waiting for his pursuers to just hurry up and die. Iggy shared his story in a new song fittingly called “Asshole Blues.”

The lo-fi acoustic blues song comes courtesy of a new flexi-disc series headed up by Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys. Pop’s release is the first in the series via the Boys’ own Mag Mag label and he explained it to Rolling Stone while still feeling some of the plainspoken after-effects of writing a blues song.

I wrote a blues song about an asshole who’s out to get me,” Pop said. “It’s full of negative energy. Listen at you own risk. It’s fun to play the blues.”

In a statement about the series, Jacuzzi Boys explained that they want it to be a place where artists can try out things that would never fit in their own discography.

Basically the flexis will serve as a place where artists can do as they please, a place to exercise your most experimental desires or keep it 101,” they said. “No rules. We’re just trying to turn folks on to stuff we find interesting. We’re as curious as anyone else might be to see how it all unfolds.”

If “Asshole” is any indication, this experiment is going to be great. Stream it up top and pre-order it here.