IHOP’s Social Media Manager Is A Bigger Lil Yachty Fan Than You

As much as the old folks might hate it, Lil Yachty is the future. The Atlanta teenager has yet to release an actual album, instead coming to fame via a series of mixtapes and the increasingly common path of internet fandom. His music is informed by and distributed via the Internet, and his sing-songy cadence and general disregard for history is a pure distillation of the web and the kids raised by it. Sure, the self-described “King Of Teens” has a major record deal now, but it’s definitely a case of them wanting a piece of Lil Boat more than he needs their backing.

IHOP gets this, as one of the most plugged-in brands out there with a ravenous Twitter presence. The pancake-slinging diner chain has hitched their wagon to the ascendant rapper and let them know that he’s always welcome to stop in if he spots the familiar blue glow of their signage from his tour bus. After Lil Yachty tweeted out the phrase “chocolate chip waffles,” IHOP responded with an all-caps plea that wouldn’t sound out of place coming from one of the “Mase In ’97” rapper’s day-ones.

Later, the brand’s account caught a fan trying to correct Yachty and did them one better.

Even better, Yachty noticed the pancake chain’s desperate lunge into the conversation. No 19-year-old needs a reason to go to IHOP, but it seems that the move has him convinced.