Is Drake’s New Album ‘For All The Dogs’ Done?

For All The Dogs, Drake’s upcoming eighth studio album, is coming soon — but how soon? The Toronto rapper has been teasing its release all year, beginning with his Apollo Theater show in New York in January, but he still hasn’t revealed very many details about it. While on his ongoing tour with 21 Savage, It’s All A Blur, however, he did tell fans they wouldn’t have to wait “that much longer,” as he’s “finishing it up,” attributing the delay to the tour itself and promising, “it will be worth the wait.”

He made the statement after a rumor circulated online that the album would be released this past New Music Friday, August 25. However, Drake admonished the attendees for believing the speculation because “I didn’t say it was dropping last night, so don’t be mad at me. I just said it’s coming soon.” Lil Yachty, who reportedly has a production credit or two on the upcoming project, also clowned fans on Twitter and TikTok (not calling it X, not sorry), saying, “By the way, I know y’all thought For All The Dogs was coming out tonight: Joke’s on y’all because nobody ever said that it was. Gotta stop believing sh*t you see on the internet.”

As to the origin of the rumor, it appeared to have started with a photo of a supposed tweet from Amazon Music, but the tweet itself was deleted — or never existed in the first place. Something about the whole “anyone can have a verified accounts if they just pay eight bucks” thing has seriously undermined the credibility of the platform. Who’da thunk?

Anyway, we’re sure when Drake is ready to drop the album, he’ll tell us himself. ‘Til then, keep Lil Yachty’s advice in mind: take things you see online with a grain of salt — especially on social media, which has never been super reliable but has recently become a free-for-all of scammers and bots.