Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Album Release Date Was Revealed Thanks To Amazon Music

Last night (August 21), Drake came through with the adorable cover art for his new album, For All The Dogs, which features an illustration (of a dog, it would seem) by his son Adonis. He hasn’t yet revealed the official release date, but now it appears Amazon Music has let the cat (or dog?) out of the bag.

The streaming platform wrote in a now-deleted tweet today, “drizzy’s son has a future as a cover artist. new @drake august 25th!!”

The release date is in accordance with the timeline Drake established at a July 26 concert, when he told the audience, “Make new friends. If you drink, drink some liquor. If you smoke, smoke some weed. And if you like somebody, like my dad says, keep f*cking. I will be back soon. I have an album dropping for you in, like, two weeks or some sh*t. But until then, just know, you’re always with me and I’m always thinking of you. Everything I do is for you. Every time I step in that booth, I hope I make you proud.”

In other It’s All A Blur Tour news, it was reported recently that so far, the tour is pulling in about $4.5 million in revenue per show.