The Internet Thinks They’ve Discovered Who Banksy Is And It’s A Popular Musician

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OK, here’s a story about rumors involving who Banksy really is. Ergo, take it with a major grain of salt. However, here’s the latest potential real identity of the famous, and currently unidentified, street artist. Or, rather, here’s a Banksy theory that is gaining some traction. That’s probably because it involves the idea that Banksy is in fact a known musician. That artist? Robert Del Naja of trip-hop legends Massive Attack.

Here are some of the points that have been used to make the argument that Del Naja is, in fact, Banksy. The beginnings of this theory seems to be a blog post made by a British journalism grad student named Craig Williams. According to his research, new Banksy works of art seem to coincide pretty well with Massive Attack’s recruiting schedule. On top of that, Del Naja is already known to be a graffiti artist. So we have here a guy who is known to be a graffiti artist who has an excuse for traveling around the world, and apparently Banksy and Del Naja’s schedules sort of lineup.

Well, there are certainly worse Banksy theories out there. Since his original post, Williams has clarified his own personal theory, which is that Del Naja is part of a collective of artists who work under the Banksy pseudonym. This is all just conjecture, and the internet will probably move onto somebody else in a couple of months. That’s how it will go until we finally find out who Banksy is, at which point everybody in the internet will say they knew it all along.

(Via Time)