Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Has An Idea About How Kanye West Should Release ‘Donda’

Kanye West’s Donda was supposed to be out by now, but as has become tradition with West albums, its release was delayed. The rapper is apparently still working on the project, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks he should just release the album as it is now and update it later.

Yesterday, Dorsey tweeted, “And…this is unlikely and maybe against the creative process…but it would be incredible if @kanyewest put out #DONDA as it is now and continued to update it until he feels it’s ‘finished’…so we can all witness the work evolve in real time.” Apple Music’s Zane Lowe responded by noting that West did something similar with The Life Of Pablo, tweeting, “Pablo. It’s a great thing. Pure process.” In a reply to a similar tweet from another user, Dorsey wrote, “Yes and it was amazing.”

It seems that West spotted what he deemed a mistake during his most recent Donda listening event, so there’s still work to be done on the record. West hasn’t officially released any songs from the album yet, but when he decides to do that, it looks like “Hurricane” with The Weeknd and Lil Baby will be the first single.