Jack Harlow Throws A Lively Louisville Party In His ‘Luv Is Dro’ Video With Static Major And Bryson Tiller

When Jack Harlow released his debut album That’s What They All Say earlier this year, one of its standout tracks turned out to be “Luv Is Dro,” on which he linked up with fellow Louisville natives Bryson Tiller and the late Static Major. Now, Harlow has released a lively video for the single, which shows love to the three artists’ shared hometown and sees Bryson and Jack putting their mack down at a nostalgic 2000s party (kids are throwing “old school” 2000s parties — am I old now??) full of throwback jerseys and airbrushed tall tees.

Harlow previously detailed the origins of “Luv Is Dro” for HipHopDX, explaining that Static’s widow specifically wanted him on track due to his rising profile. “We sat on it for two years trying to get it right and get Bryson on it,” he recalled, saying that although it took a long time because Bryson “takes his time with everything,” it was important to do the song right to represent their city well. Getting to do that record for Kentucky is huge,” he enthused. “… This song is something I can hang my hat on for the rest of my life. It’s already a classic where I’m from.”

To keep that hometown love vibe going Jack is doing a mini-tour, There’s No Place Like Home, at five iconic venues throughout the city. He also recently donated to five Louisville non-profits.

Watch Jack Harlow’s “Luv Is Dro” video featuring Static Major and Bryson Tiller above.