Jack White Won’t Play At The University of Oklahoma Again Because They Leaked His Guacamole Recipe

Do not come between Jack White and his guacamole. He guards that green gloop the way Groot does galaxies. On February 1, the University of Oklahoma’s student-run newspaper the Oklahoma Daily wrote an article about how much White’s concert was going to cost the college: $80,000, which includes “first class sound and lights, hotel accommodations, ground transportation to and from Oklahoma City Airport,” as well as compensation and “artist hospitality.” That’s a fancy way of saying his tour rider, which is a fancy way of saying crap White wants.

Here’s what that looks like, via Consequence of Sound.

There’s nothing OUTRAGEOUS in there — it’s no DMX demanding three boxes of condoms and a bottle of Hennessey — but White still protested to having his rider and contract shared. Why? Because that’s his financial information and HIS guacamole recipe, goddammit.

The William Morris Endeavor Entertainment talent company has blacklisted OU after fallout related to an article about Jack White’s contract.

The company said they won’t book anymore bands or other talents to come to OU because the article mocked Jack White and they don’t want any other artists treated that way, said Layne Ferguson, Campus Activities Council chairperson. (Via)

“We’d love to have it around 5 p.m.” is a much nicer way of phrasing a demand than Van Halen’s request to “REMOVE ALL THE GODDAMN BROWN M&M’S OR ELSE DAVID LEE ROTH WILL SHOVE HIS KAZOO UP YOUR WAZOO” (I’m guessing).

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