Jaden’s ‘Summer’ Video Features A Rainbow Bus And ‘Summer Of Love’ Vibes

Even though it’s now September, it’s still the “Summer” in Jaden’s universe. The lighthearted single is off the young musician’s latest release, CTV3: Day Tripper’s Edition, which is the deluxe edition of his Cool Tape Vol. 3, a mixtape that earned our RX distinction for excellence. “Summer” and other tracks like “Bye” and “Cabin Fever” helped build the tape’s eclectic nostalgia, and the new video for “Summer” is full of the same colorful wistfulness and throwback vibes.

Cramming a whole massive crew of people into a technicolor school bus, Jaden’s penchant for Summer Of Love-style visuals are on full display here, tying directly into the aesthetic that already defined the mixtape. In this new self-directed video, he switches between crisp, clean shots of the bus and himself rapping in front of it in a purple blazer, and hazy, throwback visuals that recall the ’60s and ’70s with their vibe. It’s just more proof that even though he’s only 23-years-old, growing up around show business has all but guaranteed that Jaden’s eye for cinematography and his ear for music are both much more developed than your typical twenty-something. Watch the new video above and read our review of Cool Tape Vol. 3 right here.