Jai Paul Reappears With Two New Songs Since His Debut Album Leaked In 2013

06.02.19 3 months ago

XL Recordings Ltd.

Having your music leak is, in general, difficult for every musician. Any press plan surrounding the rollout of your music gets thrown out the window. For Jai Paul, it was especially taxing. Demos of his debut album were leaked in 2013, sending the UK musician into a panic that led him to leave music altogether for a few years. Now, with almost no warning, Jai Paul is back with two finished songs and his first website.

Paul’s design background shows through with his creative and unique website. The site as a whole feels similar to the video game Minecraft. Dulled white noise plays through the speakers as you navigate through a hazy field to different floating objects. These objects include two t-shirts for purchase, a poster, vinyls, lyric sheets, and a downloadable version of his unfinished debut album available for a “pay what you want” price.

The album download includes a long letter from Paul explaining the reason for his lengthy hiatus and what happened the night he found out his debut record had been leaked.

“I wanted to use this opportunity to share a little information about what happened regarding my music in April 2013,” the letter begins. “As you may know, some of my unfinished demos were put up for sale illegally via Bandcamp. The leak consisted of a fairly random collection of tracks I had made over quite a long period of time (from roughly 2007 to 2013), in various stages of completion. Some are short skits and beats from my MySpace page back in the day before I signed a record deal. A large proportion of this music was to be completed and released officially in some format.” The deal mentioned was his signing to XL Records.

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