James Corden’s Celebrity Rap Battle Segment ‘Drop The Mic’ Is Getting Its Own Spin-off

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There are people out there for which the idea of “too much of a good thing” doesn’t exist. To prove it, just point to the insane amount of late-night bits being spun out into full on 22-minutes-plus-commercials enterprises. First, it was Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle. Then word came down that James Corden’s mega-popular Carpool Karaoke was spinning off into an Apple exclusive show. Now, another Corden bit is making the jump. The late night host’s frequent celebrity rap battle segments are coming to TBS without Corden as Drop The Mic.

TBS ordered 17 episodes of the show for 2017, which will pit four celebrities against each other in a free-for-all battle. The winner of each episode is determined by the audience. The show is being executive produced by Corden, Ben Winston and gallery owner/comedian/almost-famous rapper Jensen Karp. Here’s hoping Karp pulls the strings to finally get that battle with Chet Haze. No host has been announced.

Lip Sync Battle is insanely popular (or at least very good at birthing #content) and we can’t imagine that people will stop watching Carpool Karaoke, but will Drop The Mic be a bridge too far? Is this the one where we all dig in our heels like our own Steven Hyden and refuse to participate? Is that the only way to stop the Do Not Read List from becoming a weekly show on ION Television?

We’ll never know, because I’m certainly not going to avoid Anne Hathaway going Murda Mook on Meryl Streep.

(Via Stereogum)