Jason Statham Shoots Post Malone In A New ‘Wrath Of Man’ Trailer

As Post Malone has become a bigger and bigger star in the music world, he has gradually been increasing his profile in the cinematic realm as well. Last year, he had a role in the Mark Wahlberg film Spenser Confidential, in which he had to opportunity to engage in fisticuffs with Marky Mark. Now he’s in another movie, and yet again, he squaring off against the leading man. Even just based on the new trailer for the Jason Statham-starring Wrath Of Man, it seems clear that Malone’s character doesn’t last too long.

In the film, Statham works for a company that uses armored trucks to transport large quantities of money. In a scene from the trailer, Malone is part of a crew trying to pull off a heist on one of these vehicles. Statham does his action star thing and kills everybody involved. It seem Malone gets away temporarily, only for Statham to track him down, shoot him from behind, then put one more bullet in him as he lays on the ground.

Malone filmed his parts in 2019, as photos of him on set surfaced around then, seemingly filming the scene depicted in the new trailer.

Watch the Wrath Of Man trailer above.