Jay-Z Delivered A Clever Response When He Was Asked If Could Ride A Horse

On Wednesday night, Jay-Z took a trip to London for the premiere of The Harder We Fall. The film, which premieres on Netflix on November 3, is produced by the rapper himself and directed by Jeymes Samuel for a tale that captures the rivalry between Black cowboys. It’s this plot that prompted a rather unique question for Jay-Z during his red carpet appearance at the London premiere. “You need to be able to make sure that you can actually do what you’re asking the actors to do,” a reporter said before asking, “So Shawn, can you ride a horse?”

Jay cracked a smile at the question and replied, “I can ride a Porsche,” referencing the German-bred car model before adding, “It got horsepower.” In the rapper’s defense, the reporter’s question technically didn’t specify which type of horse Jay could ride.

Ahead of its premiere on Netlflix, Jay-Z also spoke about his excitement towards the official release of The Harder We Fall. “I’m super excited for Jeymes [Samuel], who’s actually from London,” he said about the upcoming film. “Just the idea of him releasing his major debut, because he’s done film work and he’s done music. But for him to be releasing in London, a place where he’s from, it has to be a dream for him. So I’m super proud of my brother.”

In addition to producing the film, Jay also has an upcoming collaboration with Kid Cudi titled “My Guns Go Bang” that will appear on the soundtrack for the movie.

You can watch the moment between Jay-Z and the reporter above.