Jay-Z Just Broke The Record For The Most Grammy Nominations Ever

Who could’ve predicted that the man who famously rapped “Tell the Grammy’s f*ck that 0 for 8 sh*t” — referring to his complete snub in 2018 — is now the all-time record holder for the most Grammy nominations? With three more nominations under his belt for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, Jay-Z is now just that.

The rapper previously tied the record with Quincy Jones at 80 nominations, but he’s now is alone at the top. For the 2022 Grammys, he’s nominated twice in the Best Rap Song category, for his appearances on DMX’s “Bath Salts” and on Kanye West’s “Jail.” He’s also included as part of Kanye West’s Donda, which was nominated for Album Of The Year.

While Jay-Z called out the Recording Academy in 2018, he still has 23 total award wins across his previous 80 nominations and could very well be in line for more to come when the show airs on January 31st. His 23 wins are fairly spread out, as the most he’s ever won in a single year is three awards, in 2009, 2010, and 2012.

Now with Jay-Z sitting at the top, the leaderboard has seen a bit of a shake-up. Jones has actually dropped to third place as Paul McCartney’s two nominations today put him at 81 all-time nominations, with Jones remaining at 80. Beyoncé didn’t gain any ground this year and is sitting in fourth with 79, but is still the female artist with the most wins at 28.