Jeezy Announces His Retirement From Rap With One Final Album In His ‘Thug Motivation’ Series

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Jeezy (Formerly “Young”) has been one of the biggest cultural icons in Atlanta’s music scene. He reignited the flame of southern gangsta rap with his iconic mixtape Trap or Die and his debut album Thug Motivation: TM101, and he created a lane where hustlers could succeed on a mainstream level. Most people won’t argue the importance of The Snowman’s influence on music. Now, the Atlanta trap legend has announced the end of his run with both a new album, TM104, and his retirement from rap on Twitter:

We’re excited for new music from Jeezy, but his announcement that he’s getting out of the game is utterly depressing. He’s given us songs that put listeners in the driver’s seat of some of the most triumphant and self reflective songs in hip hop. While he started as a cold and jaded ex-drug dealer in his rhymes, Jeezy grew to become a lyrically and socially important voice for southern rap. His collaborations with the likes of Jay-Z proved that even the artists that sit on the highest pedestals still showed love to the underdogs. Here’s hoping that TM104 is a celebration of what made Jeezy a household name in 2005:The blunt commentary on the inner city hustle that gained him a spot on the Billboard charts and in the hearts of so many fans.