Jeopardy!’s A$AP Rocky And Clams Casino Question Makes It TV’s Most Hip-Hop Trivia Show

It’s rad to see musicians you follow on a daily basis make it outside the blogosphere and onto primetime TV. You could list cameos, guest episodes, and series that rappers have headlined — shouts out to that defunct Redman and Method Man FOX series from years ago, but it’s the best when artists make it to a show that tests the knowledge of some supremely smart people: Jeopardy!

On a recent episode, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, New Jersey producer Clams Casino and songwriter/producer Dangermouse were the subjects of a question in the “My Name Is Symbolic” category.

Contestants later answered the following $200 question.

Frequent Jeopardy! viewers will know that this show wasn’t an isolated case of dipping its toes into Hip-Hop history. Last week, Kanye’s Life of Pablo was used as a clue on the show and late Bay area great Mac Dre has been highlighted previously as well. In April, an Organized Noize-themed question appeared as a $1,000 question—which the contestant thankfully got right.

What a time. All that’s left for the show to prove it truly has hip-hop bonafides is to slide in a question related to the culture’s current favorite meme about J. Cole and the amount of features he needed to go platinum. We could only hope in that instance one contestant views the prompt, chuckles, and then says, “what is zero?” Now that would be some real rap sh*t.

(Via Stereogum)