Jidenna Gives A First Person Look At A Swinging House Party In His Sexy ‘Tribe’ Video

In Jidenna’s new video for “Tribe,” his second of two new singles in almost two years, a house party takes a turn for the erotic as the stylish rapper celebrates the camaraderie of his chosen family. Shot mostly as one long take, the video shares an intimate look at one of Jidenna’s soirees, while the lyrics of the song compare the various forms of friend groups — gangs, sets, cliques, etc. — and declares the “tribe” to be the superior form.

The party in the video is shot from the point-of-view of an attendee, right down to a blinking effect, and after getting dosed during a dance scene, the visuals swirl and wobble in an approximation of inebriation as the cameraperson finds themselves surrounded by pole dancers and other salacious activities. While Jidenna is best known for introducing “Classic Man” vibes to the world, the new and improved outlook is decidedly a lot sexier and dressed down.

“Tribe” and “Sufi Woman” are the first singles from 85 To Africa, Jidenna’s upcoming, full-length followup to his 2017 debut, The Chief. 85 To Africa is due August 23, via Wondaland Records/Epic Records. It will also be accompanied by a nationwide tour beginning in October running through November, ending in Los Angeles, CA.

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