Jim Carrey Joining Alice Cooper Onstage With Full Face Makeup Doesn’t Need To Make Sense

You don’t need to understand why Jim Carrey is onstage with Alice Cooper to enjoy that it’s happening. In fact, trying to discern the many decisions that lead to a bearded Carrey donning Cooper’s classic eye-makeup and jumping onstage at a New Years Eve benefit in Maui will probably make you enjoy it less (and possibly lead to nosebleeds).

All you really need to know is that after Carrey stands around awkwardly for a bit courtesy of a messed-up microphone, he throws his all of his best contortions and flails into it, even headbanging and miming some serious guitar-licking throughout “School’s Out.” Check out that clip below and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” up top.

Okay, okay. So here’s a little information. The event was apparently planned to help raise money for a local food bank and it’s something that Cooper has done every year since 2008. Other guests who also joined Cooper this year included Weird Al Yankovic and Steven Tyler, who joined the band for a performance of “Walk This Way.”

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