Surprise, Joanna Newsom And Andy Samberg Welcomed Their First Child

Getty Image

It’s a girl! According to a representative close to the couple who spoke to US Weekly, comedian Andy Samberg and his wife, the incredible harpist Joanna Newsom just recently welcomed their first child into the world. The news comes as a major surprise to many outside observers, but isn’t the biggest shock in the world considering how private the couple remains about their personal lives away from the cameras and recording studios.

In a recent interview with Larry King, Newsom actually opened up about the prospects of having a child with her comedic husband. “Little harpist Samberg, thank you for putting that image in my head,” she told the host after he broached the subject. “He’s my favorite person in the world,” she said of the Brooklyn 99 star. “He’s the person I would most want to hang out with at any given moment.” And then in a eyebrow raising twist to those who know him as the “Dick In A Box” guy she also noted that, “He’s probably the biggest superfan of my music.”

For his part, having a child has been something Samberg has wanted for quite some time. “I love babies,” he told reporters at the Fox All-Star Party last year. “I would love a baby someday.”

Congratulations to mother, father and baby.