Joe Budden Begs Kai Cenat And Streaming ‘F*ckity F*cks’ To ‘Shut Up For A Change’ In A Rant About The 2024 Grammys

At the 2024 Grammys last Sunday, February 4, Killer Mike won Best Rap Performance (“Scientists & Engineers“), Best Rap Song (“Scientists & Engineers”), and Best Rap Album (Michael). Killer Mike was predictably euphoric, but Twitch streamer Kai Cenat had trouble accepting that anyone beat out Travis Scott’s Utopia or Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss for the award. But Joe Budden doesn’t care to hear another word from Cenat.

On the February 7 episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the host played a clip from Cenat’s Twitch stream in which he reacted to Killer Mike’s victory, saying, “Who decided this motherf*cker? Who the f*ck decided this motherf*cker? Her Loss?! Utopia?! Metro Boomin?!”

Budden laughingly mocked Cenat’s outrage and said, “Shut your ass up. Yo, y’all lil streaming n****s don’t always run sh*t. Shut the f*ck up! We don’t care about none of that little streaming, moshpit, marked car whatever you n****s is doing over there.”

Budden continued, “U-f*cking-topia. U-nope-ia, n***a. I’m just so happy that the streaming — that the little f*ckity f*cks finally, finally have a look-in-the-mirror moment and say, ‘Oh, it’s not about us.’ No, adults are out, n***a. N****s got pocket handkerchiefs in. N****s got fly sh*t on. Yeah, real execs, business people, you little f*ckity f*cks. Shut up for a change! I’m so sick of these n****s. We only get to do this once a year. Listen, we gotta rush behind Killer Mike. Killer Mike won. We gotta let these n****s know what the f*ck we really think.”

Watch both clips below.