The Jonas Brothers Take Over ‘The Tonight Show’ With A Performance Of ‘Only Human’ And More

Ever since the Jonas Brothers’ comeback began earlier this year, they’ve been riding off the strength of two singles: The breezy and summery “Cool,” and their first No. 1 hit, “Sucker.” Now, though, their new album Happiness Begins is out, so fans have a bunch of new songs to get into. This also means that the trio has new tracks to perform on TV, so on The Tonight Show last night, they busted out album cut “Only Human.”

The reggae-inspired tune has a strong bass line and a great horn section, and it turns out that the album title came from this song’s lyrics: “You got all my love to spend / Let’s find a place where happiness begins.” It’s worth noting that the album title also pops up later in the album on “Rollercoaster”: “Nights, flying down the 10, nearly 2 a.m. / Happiness begins.”

Aside from that, Nick, Joe, and Kevin were all over The Tonight Show. They sat down for a lengthy interview about their journey back to reuniting, the content of the new album, their personal lives, and so on. They also took time for a round of “Know Your Bro,” a game in which one brother wore headphones playing music, the other two answered a question about him, and then the original brother took off his headphones and answered the question himself.

Watch the Jonas Brothers perform “Only Human” above, and watch other clips from their appearance on The Tonight Show below.