Josh Homme From Queens Of The Stone Age Unloaded On An Autograph Seeker In Detroit

Josh Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age and frequent collaborator with Dave Grohl and Iggy Pop, might be a very nice guy. He might be the nicest guy. And in most situations, he might very well be more than happy to sign an autograph for you.

However, in what looked like a very miserable situation in Detroit, Homme looked about as nice and pleasant as the worst Tequila hangover imaginable.

Leaving an afterparty after a show Thursday night, Homme was approached by a gentleman asking for an autograph; a teacher, no less. TMZ posted a video of Homme’s reaction to the request and, to be completely honest, it’s not pretty. The Post Pop Depression rocker straight up berated the guy, getting in his face, pointing a lot of fingers with vigor and dropping gems like, “What the f*ck do you do?” When the man calmly responded that he was a teacher, Homme asked, “Well, can you come teach my house for free?” which kind of doesn’t make sense because how do you teach a house? Regardless, the guy said yes because the guy seemed like a very nice person and Homme seemed like a playground bully. Homme also called the dude a “loser” and “spoiled motherf*cker.”

According to TMZ, Homme was operating under the assumption that the autograph-seeking teacher was a professional who was intending to sell any autograph he was able to get from Homme, prompting that reaction. It should also be noted that the teacher reportedly threw a verbal haymaker back at Homme, accusing him of “making money off us buying your $90 tickets and $30 shirts.” This predictably did not sit well with Homme. Either way, hopefully this all gets resolved soon. Seems like these two dudes shouldn’t have had a problem in the first place.

(Via TMZ)

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