Joyner Lucas Threatens To Sic Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole On Nick Cannon Over His Eminem Beef

Eminem‘s beef with Nick Cannon continued with another diss record, “Pray For Him,” fired from Cannon and Joyner Lucas pulling a 50 Cent and joining in the chaos.

In the same way Em replied to Cannon’s diss track “The Invitation” and 50 publicly backed Em, Lucas hopped in the beef via social media, even going so far as tagging Cannon in the tweet he posted about him.

“Aye [Nick Cannon], you better stop rap jumping my n**** marshall before me, 50, Royce, crooked I, Lloyd banks, j Cole, Kendrick, logic, tech n9ne, big Sean, and king los get busy on yo ass,” Lucas said in a tweet. ” … pause. Keep playin’.”

Cannon hasn’t replied to any of Em, 50, or Lucas’ tweets since releasing the aforementioned diss tracks. Initially, Cannon challenged Em to a rap battle on his show Wild N’ Out, but before Em could accept or reject the proposal, Cannon released his diss tracks instead. Cannon and Em’s beef — which extends back to 2010 — heated back up when Em dissed Cannon on Fat Joe and Dre’s joint album Family Ties. For the record, Joe wants no parts of the beef, according to TMZ.

Listen to Eminem diss Cannon in “Lord Above” in the clip above.