Mark Wahlberg Wrecks Joyner Lucas’ Car In The High-Speed ‘Zim Zimma’ Video. With Diddy And George Lopez

If you know anything about hip-hop at all, you’ll probably recognize the title of Joyner Lucas‘ new single “Zim Zimma” as the contorted, familiar catchphrase coined by Beenie Man on his 1998 hit “Who Am I” (repurposed from Missy Elliott’s 1997 debut single “The Rain [Supa Dupa Fly]“) in which Beenie wonders “Who’s got the keys to my Beema?” In Joyner’s case, it turns out to be none other than actor/rapper/fast-driving car enthusiast Mark Wahlberg. Like Lucas, Wahlberg hails from Massachusetts, so it’s no surprise that the two are acquainted.

Waving off Joyner’s initial concerns, Mark promises to teach him “how to drive this b*tch” before wrecking the car in a collision with a dirt pile. While Mark tries to downplay the damage, an exasperated Joyner leaves him to deal with the mess, strolling the streets of Beverly Hills to his “uncle George’s” house — who turns out to be comedian George Lopez. After some finagling, Joyner manages to borrow his Unc’s BMW — although he’s disappointed to discover it’s more “Beater” than “Beamer.” A final scene sees Joyner cruising in (or rather, on top of) a miniature version of the car for kids alongside yet another famous face: Diddy — aka “Love” — who mugs the camera as Lucas launches into a lightspeed display of multisyllabic lyricism.

“Zim Zimma” follows Lucas’ Lil Baby collaboration “Ramen & OJ” and similarly quirky, high-concept music video for “Will Smith.”

Watch Joyner Lucas’ “Zim Zimma” video above.