JT Of City Girls Was Unbothered By A Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Latest Livestream

For female rappers, wardrobe malfunctions are always a concern thanks to their often-skimpy ensembles and admittedly sexy dance routines but in recent years, that risk has increased due to the prevalence of social media and phone cameras — especially for those who use services like Instagram to interact with fans with their guard let down. Cardi B recently accidentally posted an intimate photo on IG, prompting fans to create the #BoobsOutForCardi hashtag on Twitter to defend her from cruel comments about her breasts (specifically, her areolas).

Those fans may need to revamp that hashtag for one of Cardi’s “Twerk” collaborators next. JT of City Girls was recently on a live stream with fans when she leaned over searching for a remote controller in her house. The action caused her top to shift and when she turned back to the camera, fans got an eyeful of her nipple, which had popped out to say “hi.” However, JT — who, along with her partner-in-rhyme Yung Miami, is a strip club veteran — was unfazed by the nipple slip, joking with her fans: “It’s always the nip slip. I don’t even care no more. It’s like… bitch. Y’all see it or y’all don’t.”

Considering some of the risque outfits she’s worn for performances in the past, it’s not even technically the first time most of us have seen it, so her cavalier attitude makes sense. Besides, she’s in good company; Nicki Minaj once had a boob pop out on Good Morning America, which gets a lot more views than the average Instagram Live stream, and other rappers, like Kash Doll, have had similar incidents. In fact, some have even turned to OnlyFans to generate revenue during quarantine — including many male rappers like Tyga. Naturally, fans are still having a field day on Twitter, with memes and the usual shenanigans celebrating the unusual achievement.

If nothing else, it’ll be a great promotion for City Girls’ “P*ssy Talk” remix with Jack Harlow, Lil Wayne, and Quavo, which you can check out here.