Juice WRLD’s Fascination With PlayStation Racing Continues In His Neon-Washed ‘Fast’ Video

Juice WRLD has released the latest video from his PlayStation-themed sophomore album, Death Race For Love, and unlike its predecessor “Hear Me Calling,” the video for “Fast” embraces the simple concept at the core of his album’s title, taking out the destructive arsenal and replacing it with a straightforward, Fast And Furious-esque drag race. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Juice WRLD video without some trippy visual effects which make the race appear as if it really is taking place inside a computerized world of warped angles and acid-washed colors.

Directed by Alexandre Moors and produced by Ross Levine for Object + Animal, the “Fast” video finds Juice WRLD behind the wheel once again, this time of a simulated exotic race car chasing down a rival on a neon-lit track before losing control and crashing into a fiery abyss. Weirdly, he somehow goes from safely strapped into the driver’s seat to standing on top of the the car’s roof, which is decidedly not the best way to handle such situations but maybe, since it’s all a video game anyway, he’s got an extra life stashed away. We’ll have to wait for the next Death Race For Love video to find out.

Death Race For Love is out now via Interscope. Watch Juice WRLD perform its single, “Hear Me Calling,” on The Tonight Show here.