A Teenager In The UK Has Been Found Guilty Of Plotting A Terrorist Attack At A Justin Bieber Concert

A 17-year old UK resident has been found guilty of plotting a terrorist attack the same day as a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff, Wales. The name of the young man has been withheld because he is still considered a minor, but on all five terror-related charges that were filed against him at Birmingham Crown Court, he was found guilty. The terrorist was arrested on June 30, just about a month after a bombing inside of Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert killed 23 people and injured another 500.

Apparently, when the authorities searched his home, they found a claw hammer and a gutting knife in his backpack. They also discovered a “martyrdom letter” that read, “I am a soldier of the Islamic State. I have attacked Cardiff today because your government keep on bombing targets in Syria and Iraq. There will be more attacks in the future.”

The evidence against him didn’t end there. According to The Guardian, he also wrote a note with bullet points like, “run down the non-believers with a car” and “strike the infidels who oppose Allah in the neck.” Among his Internet search history contained entries like, “Justin Bieber security,” and “vehicle mounting pavement – car plows through a crowd.”

Thankfully, police and prosecutors were able to apprehend him before he could proceed with his plans, averting what could have been yet another, massive concert massacre.