Justin Timberlake: Nothing Like The Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Will Happen Again

Justin Timberlake has been confirmed as the halftime performer for 2018’s Super Bowl, which has proven to be a controversial pick. However, he says that nothing like the 2004 “wardrobe malfunction” incident with Janet Jackson will be planned for next year’s show. In an interview with NBC’s Mike Tirico, the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” singer suggested that the upcoming show would be far less risque in its planning than his previous turn as halftime performer.

Tirico asked Timberlake about the prior event if the wardrobe incident came up during negotiations with the NFL, to which the singer responded, “That won’t happen this time. There was a little bit of that. But…no, Mike, that’s not going to happen.” When he asked about Timberlake’s hopes for the upcoming show, Justin stated that, while he won’t be attempting stunts like Lady Gaga’s leap from the top of the stadium, he hoped that the show lived up to iconic shows from Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and U2. “What I want to do is take the opportunity to put together a performance that feels like it unifies. I feel like that would be the ultimate accomplishment,” he expands, adding that “The icing on the cake is at some point within that 12 minutes that everybody is shaking their booty.”